WordPress search engine optimized permalinks

WordPress search engine optimized permalinks

How to configure WordPress search engine optimized permalinks for SEO friendly URL’s.

WordPress Permalinks by default are not configured for SEO or search engine optimization.
It is an easy fix. Follow the instructions below or watch our video for a full explanation on the procedure to configure WordPress search engine optimized permalinks.
Once logged into the WordPress admin console just navigate to the Settings then Permalinks area.
In the Permalinks area under Permalinks Setting / Common Settings select “Post name” and save.

  • Plain http://www.domain.com/?p=123
  • Day and name http://www.domain.com/2016/03/21/sample-post/
  • Month and name http://www.domain.com/2016/03/sample-post/
  • Numeric http://www.domain.com/archives/123
  • Post name http://www.domain.com/sample-post/

Your WordPress Permalinks are now SEO friendly.
The Page and Post Titles used will create the URL’s and Google, Bing, and other search engines will now be able to use your Page and Post naming scheme to give SEO meaning to the websites content. This is another tool in the SEO tool chest. Don’t forget to use it.
This easy to do setting choice is critical for search engine optimization. Makes your WordPress Page and Post’s URL’s SEO compatible. URL’s look like http://www.domain.com/nameofgoodsorservice/ and not http://domain.com/&123/ or some other format when using the “Post name permalink format”.
When using “Post name” permalink format the WordPress Page titles and or Post titles naming scheme will create SEO friendly URL’s.
You would be surprised at how many websites or blogs there are out on the World Wide Web that over look this setting and are missing out on the SEO advantages this small settings change offers and enables. With SEO don’t over look any tool you can use to help with search engine rank page result or SERP.
I hope you find our video WordPress search engine optimized permalinks useful and as always thanks for stopping by.

The video below shows how to optimize WordPress Permalinks for SEO

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