google yahoo bing seo

SEO or search engine optimization

Zeros Ones SEO or search engine optimization services consist of
website creation using html 5 and css 3 coding techniques to deliver modern, functional, websites
that are designed from the ground up with function and search engine optimization in mind.
After all what good is a great website if no one can find it?

Designing a website from the beginning gives a great many
advantages when it comes to Search Engine Optimization.
Every aspect of the website can be tuned for optimal search engine indexing.
Each html file naming and directory structure scheme structure even the naming of image files
names used for the website.

Even legacy websites can have search engine optimization techniques.
We can applied to them to improve search engine rankings.
Tuning of the head section meta tags can be used to improve search page rankings.
Implementing a sitemap and submitting it to search engines can also improve a websites
search index ranking.

The task or job of SEO is to inform and guide search engine bots/crawlers used by Google, Bing and other search engines
on which category to list a website and what search terms to use to target and discover a website.
So when someone searches for a service or type of job websites relating to that service or job show up
in the search results or SERP search engine results page.
When people are looking for a service they usually don’t search by company name they don’t know the
name of the company they search by type of service field or profession.

One of the ways we accomplishes this task is through the use of meta tags placed
between the open head statement and the close head
statement of html code.

We have an SEO primer page here.

We also have a SEO Concepts page here with you guessed it SEO Concepts.