Windows 10 software as a service model will cost you

The Windows 10 software as a service model is beginning to come more into focus.
As an example the classic Solitare is no longer found in Windows 10 but it is
available at the Windows Store as an ad supported freemium download or to switch
off the ads pay $MSFT a service fee.
Gordon Kelly at Forbes has an article on the new Microsoft Windows 10 SAAS model.
No more Media Player but you can buy Microsoft Windows DVD player.
But wait there’s more. I haven’t even begun on the new level of data mining
Windows 10 is enable with. There is no way any Microsoft competitor would allow
a Windows 10 computer with default enabled privacy settings into any business meeting.
As the old saying goes about free.
If it’s free you are the product.
Microsoft with Windows 10 is trying to redefine the operating system software
business model.
Will it work?
We shall see, we shall see.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this amazing article. I have already read the article of Gordon Kelly at Forbes about Windows 10 SAAS model. The article is awesome and he points out the important things about Windows 10 SAAS model.

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