Wordpress install 1and1 hosting

WordPress install 1and1 hosting

WordPress install 1and1 hosting using Linux basic package is relatively easy.

The order of steps I use are as follows.
Create the MySQL data base to use with WordPress.
Unzip or extract the WordPress download.
Configure the wp-config.php file.
Upload the configured WordPress to the 1and1 hosting Linux server.
Setting up the first administrator user account.
Test the WordPress installation.

In this post I will show how to install WordPress CMS using a 1and1 hosting basic Linux hosting package.
This is a manual installation. I am not using one click WordPress install.
We walk through the 1and1 hosting MySQL database setup procedure and show what settings to save
to configure the wp-config.php file that authenticates and links to the MySQL database.
Proper configuration of the wp-config.php file with 1and1 hosting settings.
Setting up the first user account for administration of the WordPress.
This setup is shown using the following 1and1 hosting software versions.
MySQL version 5.5, PHP 5.6, and WordPress version 4.4.2 installed to Linux hosting.
I have some experience with 1and1 hosting Linux package using WordPress. I have used the Linux basic and more recently the WP basic or WordPress basic Linux package that has SSD based data base and website storage.
This WP basic show a noticeable improvement in website responsiveness. Load times are quicker.
I think if you are only hosting one website and only need one data base that is all that comes with the WP basic hosting package the WP basic package is the one to choose. Website loads time are used by search engines as just one of many criteria in SERP or search engine results page rank. Consider people using caching plugins and CDN to speed website delivery SSD enabled hosting is something to take under serious consideration.
Hope you find our video on WordPress install 1and1 hosting useful and enjoyable.
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