WinBook TW802 USB HDTV Tuner Watch OTA TV

WinBook TW802 USB HDTV Tuner Watch OTA TV

Winbook TW802 Windows 10 Mygica U6012A USB HDTV Tuner are a nice added function to an already handy little package. In this article and video we show that this software combination does work and how to do it.
The video below shows a WinBook TW 802 that I bought from Micro Center running Microsoft’s Windows version 10.0 (Build 10240) and that the Mygica U6012A USB HDTV Tuner with the supplied ArcSoft Total Media 3.5 software is compatible with Windows 10 and this tablet. This ArcSoft Total Media software can be used instead of Windows Media Center software that came with Windows 7.
Video shows WinBook TW802 USB HDTV Tuner Watch OTA TV on your WinBook TW802.

Create ArcSoft Total Media 3.5 software USB installation media

I am not sure if this step to update the ArcSoft Total Media 3.5 software Win7 32bit and Win7 64bit drivers is needed but, it is what I did.
To start we are going to update the driver we need.
I found this website that had what they called the latest drivers. I did use these drivers.
Download the latest Windows 7 32bit and 64bit drivers
from this website. Unzip extract all the driver .zip files to a folder you can find later.
Now to update the drivers on the ArcSoft Total Media 3.5 software.
Insert the ArcSoft Total Media 3.5 software disk into your desktop DVD/CD drive and open to view files.
Copy all the files to a USB thumb drive.
Next go to the unzipped drivers folder and inside the Driver folder are two folders named Win732bit and Win764bit these are the drivers folders. Copy those two folders and replace those same folders on the thumb drive where you copied the ArcSoft TotalMedia software. The Win732bit and Win764bit folders are located inside the Driver folder inside the ArcSoft Total Media 3.5 software.
You now have created a USB thumb drive version of the ArcSoft Total Media software with the latest drivers.

Install Mygica U6012A USB HDTV Tuner and ArcSoft Total Media 3.5 on to WinBook TW802

Boot up the WinBook TW802
Insert USB thumb drive
Open USB thumb drive to view files
Double click the .exe file Hybrid_ATSC_Stick
Follow on screen instructions
Install drivers and other software
Select Digital Tuner when prompted not the QAM Tuner
(QAM is for cable box) we are configuring OTA digital reception.
At some point scan for channels.


If it doesn’t work open Windows Device Manager and check for “yellow bang marks”.
If you see some yellow bangs for unknown device try to install drivers using install driver and the I will locate driver option and point to the drivers on the USB thumb drive.
Used the 32 bit drivers for the WinBook TW802.
Well, that’s it. I hope it works for you as well as it does for me.

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