Create Google Adsense Ad

Create Google Adsense Ad

In the video below I show how to create Google Adsense Ad unit. This Google Adsense Ad unit code can then be placed into your website and you can start generating money from the website content. When you create an Adsense Ad and place the code into your website you have started the process of monetizing your website content.
You will want to create a new Google Adsense Ad for each location on your website. You will want to give each ad a unique name so you will know which ad on what page and where on the page or post the ad is and be able to track which ads are generating the most income.
To get started monetizing your website content with Google Adsense you will need a Google account which is easy to setup.

Responsive ad layouts

Google supplies some information about key features with responsive ad units as it relates to responsive website design so you will have an idea how they will perform.

For more complete information directly from Google head on over to their website and the ad code implementation area.
Well that’s it I hope you find this information helpful and enjoy the video.

Create Google AdSense Ad

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