Create Windows 10 System Image

Create Windows 10 System Image

It is a very good idea to create Windows 10 system image of your computer. Because with a system image you can re-install the system in the exact state of the system at the time of the creation of the system image. This will include all Windows updates. So there is no need to have to install Windows updates from the very beginning.
This Windows system image includes all Windows updates, applications, files, etc. Everything that was on the computer at the time the system image was created.
Create Windows 10 System Image Video

Additionally you can use this system image to recovery from virus and or malware infections or even a failed hard drive without having to re-install every Windows update, or applications. This differs from using recovery disks or media. Most importantly using Windows Recovery disks or media will only re-install Windows to factory conditions. This does not include Windows updates, or applications, or data. All of these need to be re-installed after re-installing Windows using Windows recovery media or drive.
After you create Windows 10 system image drive you will want to label and store in a safe place.

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