If you haven’t upgraded from Windows 7 or Windows 8 yet maybe you should think
about waiting just a little longer. Word on the street is in the beginning
of November around the 2nd Microsoft will release an rather large Windows 10 update.
It is known by different names Threshold 2, Windows 10 fall update, SP1.
What ever Microsoft names it hopefully it fixes some of the issues with
Windows 10.
Thinking of upgrading to Windows 10
The update is said to contain a number of fixes and user interface changes that originally projected for the final release version of Windows 10 but didn’t make it for whatever reason. These include colored title bars for desktop apps, improved context menus, and an extra column of Live Tiles for the Start menu.
Cortana will get a new feature the ability to text from a Windows 10 PC with a Windows 10 mobile device like
a phone.
Also, no extensions yet for the Edge browser. Those are said to come later, probably sometime 2016.
As with all updates with Windows 10 Microsoft will push it to you through Windows update service or WUS as it is know in IT circles.
Oh and as Steve Jobs used to like to say “one more thing”
The Windows 10 Fall Update should also include the ability to activate Windows 10
with Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 product keys.
More to come
Happy computing