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Computer Repair Glen Ellyn 60137

Make Zeros Ones your first choice for Glen Ellyn IL computer repair (630) 834-9093.

We service and repair all major computer manufacturers of Microsoft Windows computers.
Dell, Lenovo, HP Hewlett Packard, Acer, ASUS, and more!
FREE pickup and return of your computer equipment.
Call (630) 834-9093 to make an appointment.

Our PC repair technician will arrive at your Glen Ellyn location at the scheduled time.
The computer technician will then perform preliminary computer problem troubleshooting.
If possible they will diagnose the computer problem and in a timely manner resolve the issue and repair your computer onsite.
If the computer problem requires more extensive repair we will ask for permission to bring your computer to our repair facility to complete the repair.
When the computer repair is complete, we will return your repaired computer at the scheduled return time.
It’s that simple! No additional charge for this door to door service.

Computer repair Glen Ellyn IL

STOP! Call Zeros Ones Computer Repair Glen Ellyn IL

Glen Ellyn Residential/Home Computer Repair

Computer running slow? Having computer problems?
Computer damaged and in need of repair?
Call Zeros Ones for knowledgeable expert PC repairs.
We are a local independently operated computer repair business serving Glen Ellyn IL.
To talk to us or schedule an appointment call (630) 834-9093.
Computer hardware repair and Software installation or re-installation.
Printer/copier setup, installations, and troubleshooting.

Glen Ellyn SMB Business Computer Repair IT Services

Business prioritized computer repair service.
In business it is important to minimize downtime and work flow disruption.
Join the growing number of local Glen Ellyn businesses who are making the choice of Zeros Ones for business computer repair and IT services including printer setup and installations.
Call (630)-834-9093 for expedited business computer repair and IT services.

Zeros Ones Glen Ellyn IL computer repair service area map.

Watch our Glen Ellyn computer repair video to learn how you can receive 10% off any of our services.

Additional Glen Ellyn Computer IT Services

Computer hardware upgrades

Breath a second life into an older computer with computer upgrades.

Computer memory upgrade

Adding more memory can make your computer more responsive.

Signs your computer could run faster with a memory upgrade.

Is your hard drive activity light always flashing and your computer feels slow?
These are signs your computer would benefit by installing more ram memory.

SSD solid state drive upgrade – Zeros Ones recommended!

We can upgrade your laptop or desktop computer’s hard drive to a new SSD or solid state drive.

Upgrading to an SSD will greatly improve Windows operating system boot time
and application load times. Making your computer much more responsive.
Saving time and adding to efficiency.

Have a desktop computer?

Add a second internal hard drive for additional storage space. No problem!

Graphics/video card GPU upgrade

Want to run multiple monitors?

Having more desktop space to work with is an unbelievable productivity upgrade,
A GPU or graphics card upgrade will do it for you.
Choose either a AMD or Nvidia graphics card and we will install it.

Computer components fail now and then. When this happens they need to be replaced.

When this happens for computer repair Glen Ellyn 60137 call Zero Ones for local personalized service.

Here you will find a list of pricing for some of our computer repair services.
If you don’t see what you are looking for call or email us.

Click here for our pricing list of our most popular computer repairs/upgrades.

  • Computer Memory Upgrade
  • Graphics Card Upgrade GPU
  • Hard Drive Upgrade

Glen Ellyn Copier/printer Networking and Advance Feature Setup

Be able to scan directly to an email address or local folder.
All major OEM’s.
Xerox, HP, Lexmark, Kyocera, Konica Minolta, Canon, etc.
Scan to email scan to folder

VPN setup service

Running Windows 10? We can setup a PPTP VPN. That’s another feature included in Windows 10.
No more yearly or monthly VPN service charges.
Share files from the road to the office or home to office with PPTP VPN security and therefore added peace of mind.
Almost no one thinks of security until it’s to late. As a result your data could be in jeopardy.
VPN setup service

Remember as always we provide FREE pickup and return of your computer equipment.
We come to you. Just call and make an appointment.

Have any computer repair questions? Call us today! Get the answer.

Happy computing from Zeros Ones

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