SEO Primer
Zeros Ones

A short SEO primer on Search Engine Optimization.
Firstly just what is SEO or search engine optimization?
The task of SEO is one of helping to inform search bots or spiders from search
search terms or search queries your want your site to be found by.
SEO accomplishes some of this task through the use of meta tags in
placed in the head statement of the html code.
SEO seems to break into two camps.
One camp is the White Hat’s and it goes to follow that the other group is known as
Black Hat’s.
A brief description of the two would be the White Hat’s go up to the line of good
practices and the Black Hat’s maybe sometimes cross the line with certain techniques.

Below are the most commonly used meta tags for SEO
#1 The title tag which is the 1st line of a search engine listing or SERP aka search engine results page.
#2 The meta content=”your description here”name=”description” tag which is the 2nd line of a listing
#3rd The meta content=”keywords here”name=”keywords” which help define search terms to define the website
You can download Google’s own Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide in .pdf format

Once you’ve published your site you’ll want
to create a robots.txt file and a sitemap.xml file.
Both these files work together to assist the crawlers | bots in searching
and indexing your site.

Next up create a Bing Webmaster Tools account.
Bing handles search for Yahoo so nothing to do there.
Also create a Google Webmasters Tools account.
Once you’ve created your webmasters tools accounts your ready to submit your website to those search engines.
Then there’s Google Analytics. Google analytics gives you the ability to see activity at the website.
Things like how were you found? Search engine or direct, number of visitors, where did the visitors come from by city or state or country, operating system, carrier what
pages how long did they stay etc.

Some of the things to think about in designing your SEO strategy.
What is your market?
Worldwide is much different than local design.
Focus on a few search terms. Decide on your strengths.
Use everything to your benefit, image file names, html page names, alt text, all should be designed | tuned with SEO in mind.
That’s a start to some of the concepts of SEO | Search Engine Optimization

That’s it, our SEO primer

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