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New computer setup
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How to setup a new computer

You just get your new computer home or to your office and start to unpack it.
What should you do next?
Read on to find out

#1 During unpacking make sure you have everything you paid for and make
sure all the parts are there and nothing is missing.

#2 Assemble your computer ( connect keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc, )
without connecting the computer to the internet. You want to limit the amount of time your
new computer is connected to the internet before you are able to update the operating
system by running Windows Update.
At this point you can even plug in the power to the computer and
boot/start it up and remove any factory installed software know as bloatware you don’t want
and is just going to slow down your computer and take up space on your computer’s hard drive.

#3 Now is also a great time to make your System Recovery Disks
Depending on the maker of your computer and if you new computer
didn’t come with System Recovery Disks and most new computers
these days don’t come with System Recovery Disks look in
Programs or All Programs for the Make Recovery Disks software
or check your computer manufacturer’s manual for instructions.
Store this back up medium in a safe place.
You will need software if for whatever reason your computer
operating system needs to be reinstalled.

#4 Shut down/turn off your computer, turn on your wireless modem
or connect an ethernet cable from your modem to the computer
and then start up your computer follow any prompts.
Once your computer has finished starting and as soon as you
have an internet connection you will want to run
Windows Update which is found under all Programs from the Start button.
Keep checking and installing the updates until windows is up to date.
Even after installing updates and rebooting the computer check for updates
again until windows is up to date.

#5 Make sure your anti-VIrus software is updated also if it was not updated
during the Windows Update process.

#6 Update any additional software as needed.

#7 You and your computer are now ready for the world